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I Forever by Jeff Deyo

I know my heart is Yours
I know my world is your hands
I know my destiny
I know with You is where I stand

My life is not my own
The price was paid by You alone

I forever praise you
I forever hold you high
I forever love Your name, Jesus

I forever trust You
I forever give my life
I forever love Your name, Jesus

I know my past is gone
I know my sin is washed away
I know my purpose now
I know I’m here to live my praise

My life is not my own
My heart belongs to You alone

At Last

I know I’m overdue to finish my blog entries regarding my recent trip to Boracay but I just have to write what I need to write. Please bear with me as I give glory to Jesus and, hopefully, inspire you as well.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Destiny Church - Manila has been obsessed about breakthroughs. Countless tales of turnarounds and promotions filled the congregation. Everyone was excited to tell their tale of breakthrough. Except me, that is. It’s not that I didn’t want to. But I had nothing to say. I remember Kuya Carlo saying, “Ang taong walang kuwento, walang kuwenta!” and that’s how I felt during this revolutionary period in Destiny’s history. I had no job and because of that my finances were suffering really bad. I was under discipline so I wasn’t doing any ministry. The thing I missed most was leading worship. I was angry at myself for getting myself into that predicament.

The good news is God specializes in this kind of situation. Because I wasn’t doing anything, I had more time with Him. He helped me cope with the loneliness of the moment and pushed me to change for the better. It was a difficult time. The crucible is not a fun place to be in but it is needed for the development of Christ’s character within us.

Slowly but surely, the breakthroughs came. I had several gigs as a wedding singer which kept me somewhat afloat. One, as you probably have already guessed, even sent me to the beautiful island paradise of Boracay. When I left Manila, I had less than 100 pesos in my pocket. But I came back with around 3,000 pesos in my wallet. Who gets to have a vacation and earn money? It wasn’t just me, though. I believe it was God’s hand that carried me through that time.

One Saturday, Kuya Carlo summoned me to Kenny Roger’s Matalino so he could talk to me. It was our first heart-to-heart conversation since September and I could still remember the things he shared to me. He asked me a few questions and I answered. He gave me a big push to put my life in order (like cook my own food instead of buying so that I could pay off my debts). He said that he would include me in his book project and that excited me because I’m something of a writer myself. But the clincher was when he told me to lead worship to see if I was ready. That Sunday, I led worship for the first time since February. It was awesome! Not because of me, but because God was at work and I was privileged to be brought along.

What really knocked my socks off was what happened last Wednesday. The Monday before that I went to TeleTech in TechnoHub and got word that I won’t be joining the current class of trainees. I told Kuya Carlo about it and he said to meet him later at the Destiny Center because he had some additional tasks for me. I thought it was for his book since I’m already transcribing his Born For This preachings. It turned out that it was about WWJD, the TV show he’s been filming which would soon be on cable television. He told me to contact Tita Nenette Pacoli and she asked if we could meet the day after tomorrow. Come Wednesday she and Tita Tere sat down with me and gave me the lowdown of what they were looking for. First, they needed someone to manage the FB page and create a Twitter account for WWJD. Sure, I was online almost everyday anyway. I figured that wouldn’t be too hard since they will provide me with materials to post, too. The second one is they wanted me to write for an episode of WWJD regarding excellence. Oh, the irony! But I guessed that’s how God operates. He’s probably smirking while I’m typing this. What amazed me more is the fact that I said before that I wanted to be a scriptwriter for a Pinoy quality TV show that would be aired on cable TV. What do you know? Dreams do come true.

One word I received from the Lord a long time ago was:

22 “Joseph is the foal of a wild donkey,
    the foal of a wild donkey at a spring—
    one of the wild donkeys on the ridge.[d]
23 Archers attacked him savagely;
    they shot at him and harassed him.
24 But his bow remained taut,
    and his arms were strengthened
by the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob,
    by the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel.
25 May the God of your father help you;
    may the Almighty bless you
with the blessings of the heavens above,
    and blessings of the watery depths below,
    and blessings of the breasts and womb.
26 May the blessings of your father
    surpass the blessings of the ancient mountains,
    reaching to the heights of the eternal hills.
May these blessings rest on the head of Joseph,
    who is a prince among his brothers.

- Genesis 49:22-26 NLT

The only thing I could think of saying right now is: Yes and amen.

Born For This


I had work between 4am and 1pm last Friday and was only able to leave the office at around 1:30. I walked from Bldg H of the UP-Ayalaland TechnoHub to the other side of the pedestrian overpass to catch a cab and proceed to the UP Film Institute where the Destiny Network Conference for Pastors and Leaders was going to be held.

A few minutes before 2pm, I arrived at FI and was amazed at how many people were there. But I had no time to just stand there because the program was about to start! So I rushed to the Men’s Room and changed and went directly backstage where the rest of the team were praying (for me to arrive already I guess). When they sensed that I was there, Clark asked me to take over. I prayed a simple prayer. I knew God was with us and we were just excited to serve all conference attendees.

As the countdown began, the crowd started to get up on their feet, clap their hands and shout. My body wanted to tense but because of all the times spent in God’s presence, I had peace in my heart. Before the timer expired, I faced some of the nation’s greatest leaders, put my microphone to my mouth and invited the people to lift up the name of God.

After the first set of Praise and Worship, I couldn’t believe that I was a part of what God was doing. It’s one thing to lead worship in the Sunday Service. But this kind of gathering exposes you to a whole new level. God was calling me to go higher. He knows I’m ready.

When the night was over, I was celebrating silently because I could already feel the tiredness I’m supposed to feel after everything that happened that day. I had dinner with some friends and was looking forward to resting my weary body when I was informed that we will be sleeping at the Kabayan Hotel because we were supposed to be at the Cuneta Astrodome by 4:30am. For someone who just wanted to lie down and snooze for a few hours, it was a dilemma deciding whether to stay in Quezon City and travel very early or relax in a church-sponsored room at a 4-star hotel in Pasay City. I opted to go thinking that I would be near the venue even if I woke up later than expected.

I was asleep the whole ride from 178 Maginhawa to our destination and was pleasantly surprised by the accommodations. Our room was called Capsule and rightly so because you share it with several others and you each have a capsule-like sleeping quarters plus a locker for your valuables. It was quite an experience but I was too tired to marvel at our fate. I dozed and was woken about 3 hours later.

Once the morning rituals were done, we had breakfast downstairs. I don’t know if it was because we were united in spirit that we ordered the same thing (Corned Beef + Pork Tocino). They had unlimited coffee (which I don’t really drink aside from rare Starbucks socializing) and orange juice which I couldn’t enjoy much due to the fact that I was trying to preserve my voice for the day’s activities. Tummies filled, we left our temporary refuge and proceeded to Cuneta Astrodome to meet up with the rest of the band and most of Destiny Church - Manila who are setting up, setting shop, rerunning steps, checking the sound, etc. As I stepped inside the building, I knew I was stepping into destiny.

Fast-forward to the morning Praise and Worship. I sang Rise Up and Limitless by the Planetshakers and the adrenaline was definitely pumping inside my body. However, when JP was playing the intro to Kalakip ng Awitin, tears began to stream down my face. I had to hold back because I was on stage but that moment is going to stick with me forever. Eight years ago, the first-ever National G12 Conference in the Philippines was held in that place. A dream was birthed in my heart to someday be able to lead worship there. That day, the dream became reality and it wasn’t because I was skilled or anything. It was because of my God whose business is making dreams come true.

On that stage, I let loose everything that I had. I had to drink salabat for the very first time and I consumed about 4 cups just to try salvaging my voice. It was worth it. Because even if you took away the lights, the band, the audience, everything, I would still have worshiped God. It was what I was born for. But this is just another step towards the glorious plan of God for my life. I am excited to experience His grace and love all over again when He carries me from glory to glory. I know that I was Born For This.

Here is a link (courtesy of Ms. Justine Viernes and YouTube) to us leading the crowd with Jake Hamilton’s The Anthem

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